Richard “Ricky” Curtice


Dependable, highly motivated graduate with Bachelor of Science in Game Simulation Programming pursuing a challenging position in the Simulation/AR/Software field. Looking for coding/software programming position within the gaming industry that will enable me to display my creativity and innovation skills. Strong points include problem-solving, creativity, a strong work ethic, and teamwork skills. Wish to utilize my education and experience to help create quality products and services. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, great in team environments, detail-oriented and organized, self-motivated and responsible, with strong work ethic and leadership qualities. My goal is to write code that drives amazing 3D / augmented reality user experiences and work in a dynamic environment where trust and friendship among coworkers is paramount.

Technical Summary

Platforms and Operating Systems: SysAdmin on MSDOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, VMWare ESXi, GNU/Linux (Gentoo, Ubuntu, KDE, XFCE4) and experimented with several more.

Languages and Databases: Assembly (x86, AVR), BASIC, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, HTML 4.1, XHTML, HTML5, XHTML5, XML, XPath, XSLT, JSON, W3C DOM, ActionScript, AngelScript, AWK, BASH, MSDOS Batch Files, ECMAScript/Javascript, UnrealScript, UE Blueprint, Game Maker Language, PHP, OpenGL, DirectX, Boost, Unreal Development Kit, Unreal Engine 4, Game Maker, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MSSQL

Applications and Tools: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Mercurial, Subversion, CVS, Photoshop, GIMP, Blender, Terragen, Adobe Flash, Audacity, CoolEdit Pro, LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org Writer, Draw, Calc, Presenter, Google Docs, proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher

Computer Graphic & Sound Abilities: Modeling, Texturing, Foley (Sound Effects Creation)

What you really wanted to know now that we’re past the keywords list: I am a computer programmer who has concentrated on getting a operational footing in as many computer languages as possible so that I can get into working usefully in any language that’s needed to be used. The languages I’m most up to date on depends on what I’ve been using the most recently.

Experience, Skills, and Qualifications

  • Over nineteen years of general software development experience, including web, game, and desktop application design and programming; Many years of experience with various procedural, object-oriented, and functional languages.
  • Created several games and game prototypes over those years, some of which are available here. Be sure to check out my portfolio and my experiments page.
  • Active participant in a few open-source projects, such as the InWorldz’ Halcyon server system. Please explore my GitHub and BitBucket accounts!
  • Three years of working as a Lab Assistant at Sierra College’s Computer Science labs.
  • Served as the IT Administrator and CAD Engineer at a local small business since 2003, providing computer support, data conversion, product design, website maintenance, other duties as requested.
  • Administered both Gentoo and Ubuntu Linux servers in virtualized environments.
  • Designed and implemented many database schemata using various DBMS software.
  • Can read code written by others and understand its purpose and intent.
  • Able to find and correct many logic flaws in source code structure.
  • Rapid learner of software tools and techniques.
  • Solid foundation in C and C++ under all three major operating systems.
  • Strong understanding of 3D linear algebra as is used in game programming.
  • Very familiar with version control systems such as git, Mercurial, and Subversion.
  • Quick to volunteer in areas I know and always ready to learn what I have not.
  • Worked in, and led, many teams in both programming and non-programming environments both local and in remote team settings.


Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming

February 2012
DeVry University, Elk Grove, CA
GPA: 4.0 - Summa Cum Laude - Dean’s List Honors - Dedication to Excellence Award

Relevant Course Work

Discrete Mathematics College Physics Programming C/C++
Game Engine Design and Integration System Architecture and Assembler Object Oriented Programming
Simulation Design Project Management Math for Game Programming
Software Engineering for Game Programming Visual and Design Fundamentals Data Structures and
Artificial Intelligence
Logic and Design Multi-media Programming Programming Java


Senior Project

SAM: DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware is a fast-paced hand-eye coordination experience utilizing the “NLS Engine” produced by myself and one other. The game itself is a blast to play, however the concentration I placed on this project wasn’t the game itself, but the development and enhancement of the engine that we created.

Associate of Science in Computer Science

December 2008
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
GPA: 4.0 - Summa Cum Laude - President’s Honor Roll Honors

Highlighted Accomplishments

  • Designed and implemented several games, including:
    • Aperture Attack – a first-person photography shooter (Game Maker)
    • Ahyoheek – Multiplayer ro-sham-bo based on the Myst franchise (Adobe Flash)
    • Kakra Racing – Non-combat multiplayer racing mod (Unreal Development Kit)
    • SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware 2 – Fast response “twitch” game in 1st person. (C++, homebrew independent game engine.)
  • Implemented several needed and well-appreciated patches to the Halcyon simulator and Phlox script engine projects open-sourced by InWorldz.
  • Reduced IT expenses at Omega Diamond by rolling out and training staff in the use of Open-Source productivity applications such as LibreOffice and Google Chrome.
  • Gave the company the ability to expand inexpensively by implementing hybrid thin-clients that connect to virtualized Linux servers that lasted for several years.
  • Reduced accounting expenses by implementing OpenERP and writing code to convert the existent data.
  • Maintained a full 4.0 GPA throughout college; Dean’s List at DeVry every semester.
  • President’s Honor Roll at Sierra College for five (5) semesters.

Employment History

  • IT Manager and Mechanical Design Engineer (concurrent) at Omega Diamond - 2003-current
  • Computer Science Lab Assistant, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA - 2005-2008
  • Shipping Assistant, Amazing Facts, Roseville, CA - 2001-2003

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer at Sacramento Central SDA Church, and then Granite Bay SDA church serving under many roles:

  • PA audio engineer / Record studio audio engineer
  • Video camera operator
  • Stage manager
  • and more.