Below are listed a selected collection of demonstrations, each covering something special: whether a unique game concept, the result of exploring an idea, or simply an example of something I really enjoyed working on.

You will note that for the games demonstrated, while the genres involved are quite diverse, death or destruction is not a part of the primary gameplay; if death or destruction exist in the game it is something to be avoided by the player, not to be dealt out by the player. This is one of my strong convictions. Those who have read the About Me section of this online book will understand why.

Many, but not all, of the items demonstrated were built as course projects - this is because of how much time I dedicate to my school and my job: these combine to leave me with little time at home for anything but God and family.

SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware 2

SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware 2: Saving Your Friend’s Computer From Being Taken Over By An Evil Overlord, or How to Defeat the Evil Doctor Again is an epic continuation of the original SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware game series.

NLS Game Engine

This engine represents the “Next Logical Step” in engine design, utilizing the component-based entity system design pattern, modular core loading, and a centralized message system.

Aperture Attack

interNational Geographic wants you to be their next world-renowned photographer. As your first step, they have sent you to their training facility to evaluate your skills by giving you shots of objects that you need to find and take good photos of as fast as possible. Hurry up, the clock’s already ticking!

Children of the Arkon: The Journey Back

Just as your squadron of XR10 star-fighters clear the hangar, an enemy Destroyer fires a powerful laser pulse deep into the reactor core of your mothership, the Alliance Defense Frigate Arkon.

Kakra Racing

Kakra Racing was an online team project completed after only eight weeks of development in June of 2011 as part of the GSP-360 course offered by DeVry University.