NLS Game Engine version 0.1 release

Version 0.1 of the NLS Engine has been released!  Check out the updated documentation and download the binary release.

SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware II released for PC!

SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware II: Saving Your Friend’s Computer From Being Taken Over By An Evil Overlord, or How to Defeat the Evil Doctor Again, the fast action game produced by RWC Productions, is fresh off the press!

Be sure to check out the game manual, written in fresh HTML5 goodness, and then head on over to the download!

The Ballad of Dorkus At The Back


The Ballad of Dorkus At The Back was a tale I found in my dad's old paper D&D archives on paper that shows that it is quite old - and showed that it was a photocopy of a photocopy.  It was written by a friend of a friend, a DM of some skill that has become renowned since his passing many years ago, by the name of Dave <last name having to be dredged out of the memory of my dad>.  The story is of a D&D game that went wrong because one player chose to play with the equivalent of "Cheatmode" on.

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