Rearranging Pivotal Tracker

I've been a fan of Pivotal Tracker for several years now.  It's helped me organize and schedule iterations for everything from work tasks to school projects and more - all in the nice, fluid "Web 2.0" manner we've been coming to expect from modern web applications.  It's been great - until one day I suddenly needed to do some reorganization that required opening several panels at the same time.  That's when it hit me that I was fighting the tool because it lacked a single feature: the ability to re-order my panels.

Now, I'd tried reordering the panels before in the past - just to see if they did.  Since I didn't have any serious reason to need it, I just chocked it up to a "they haven't done it yet" and moved on.  This time was different.  I needed a better flow.  Since I was pretty confident that they used jQuery to provide the sweet action on their pages, I loaded up my trusty web inspector - one of the many reasons I moved to Google Chrome many years ago - and, after some snooping through the very well laid out DOM, started typing up a little Javascript.  One line of code later and I could rearrange my panels - within some limits.

Armed now with knowledge on how to go about getting it done, I went hunting Pivotal Labs' support pages to see if someone else had done me one better.  I found a feature request from over 2 years ago.  Turns out I'm not the only one who wanted this feature!  So I posted what I'd done, and got back an exited reponse from a member of the community.

This member wanted one more thing: my code in a Google Crome extension.  And this I did.  Check it out on the Chrome Web Store!  Of course, this extention is a tide-me-over until Pivotal Labs actually incorporates the idea themselves.  Until then, enjoy!