SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware II released for PC!

SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware II: Saving Your Friend’s Computer From Being Taken Over By An Evil Overlord, or How to Defeat the Evil Doctor Again, the fast action game produced by RWC Productions, is fresh off the press!

Be sure to check out the game manual, written in fresh HTML5 goodness, and then head on over to the download!

This has been the product of many weeks of intense work.  While it may have started as a course project, DvW2 has grown to much, much more.  During the showing at GDC2012, I received a lot of very useful tips from many sources - both industry pros and students.  This was very helpful, and I'm so very proud that the NLS Engine turned out to be perfect - providing the fit and power of a one-off engine, with the rapid development of a tool that costs much more.

Don't forget to let me know what you think - I'm always open to new ideas!