SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware 2 soon to be released for PC!

SAM:DATA vs Dr. Mal Ware 2: Saving Your Friend’s Computer From Being Taken Over By An Evil Overlord, or How to Defeat the Evil Doctor Again is about to be released!  I've been working every morning and evening since my demo at GDC2012 to get and the new tutorial level in the kinks worked out.  It's been a rush, and the feedback I got from GDC was amazing - everyone who played thought it was great.  

The constructive feedback I got from my peers has been applied:  The basics - the roundish black objects - are now marked in an easy-to-see green when correctly marked.  The programs no longer clip the tunnel edge, making seing and identifying them much easier.  I even took the advice of one of the students that stopped by and adjusted things so that the first malware the player meets is withing the first 5 or so programs to identify.  Like I said, much good feedback, and much appreciated!

The game should be released by Sunday the 25th of March at the lastest.  I'm hoping for tomorrow, but you know how these things go!